How to pass a urine drug test if you have used illegal substances

How to pass a urine drug test if you have used illegal substances

Urine drug test is one of the most common forms of drug test frequently used by employers to detect drug addiction level of their employees. In this drug testing process, a sample of urine is taken in the laboratory, and the result comes within a short interval.

Are you wondering if there is any way you can pass the test even if you have taken illegal substances? Take a look at the following:

1. Stop taking all types of drugs.

You need to stop taking all types of drugs immediately after getting the information about the urine drug test. This precaution is the basic and vital step to pass a urine test.

2. Consumption of Plain water.

hgdhd74Before the test, you should start drinking plain water. But on the test day itself, you should not consume plenty of water because it will dilute your urine and the sample might be rejected.

Water consumption regulation is another easy but effective trick to pass a urine test. You can also workout to increase your heart rate a little bit. This will trigger your system to start natural detoxification on its own.

3. Use Total body cleanser.

Total body cleanser is one of the best detoxification programs on the market. By the time you’re done with the program, which is five days, there will be no toxins will be left behind. You can take one capsule when you eat your meal. You can also drink a cup of tea and follow a simple diet. All traces of Marijuana, Cocaine, Meth, and other drugs will simply be flushed out of your system.

4. Use Synthetic Urine.

It is a unisex product so males or females can use it. It contains everything that would normally be found in a clean urine specimen. The bottle even has a temperature strip and heating pad to make sure the urine is at normal body temperature. The cost is low, and there is enough in one bottle for a few tests.

5. Diet plan modification.

hgdhgd64Before the date of urine drug test, modify your diet plan till the test is over. You need to cut down sugar and starch from your regular menu, and you should stringently start avoiding foods with chemical preservatives. Although hectic, it is a sure shot natural remedy to pass a urine test with good result.

Effective Ways Of Dealing With Seasonal Depression

Effective Ways Of Dealing With Seasonal Depression

There are many types of depression. One of the commonly experienced depression is the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This is a condition that is known to cause depressive episodes in various seasons. From the various research studies, close to 40 per cent of people have SAD. Winter is a season that registers most victims. However, the depressive symptoms could be expressed even during other seasons.

Worth noting is the aggravated state of the condition during the rainy days in summer. Some people tend to be gloomy and sleepy when it rains. This triggers a lazy feeling and makes your body weak.

How to fight summer season depression

Below are some of the effective ways of fighting depression that comes with seasons. They include:

Avoid dehydrating

y54edthe4teMost people do not know how to keep themselves hydrated. Dehydration could come unawares during summer. It is advisable that you have sufficient water, juices and citrus fruits around. This helps to activate your organs and keep them functional throughout the day.

Have a plan to keep you active

You do not need an exotic holiday during summer. You can remain active and enjoy your time without spending a fortune. You can remain in high moods by planning for a good road trip or outing with a friend or friends. Be creative and plan for something to keep you uplifted.

Be adventurous

Come up with something new. This way, you can be sure to avoid the monotonous activities that you have done before. This helps to refresh your mind thus creating a new mood for you. This has proven to halt any depressive thoughts.

Take foods that will make you happy

Most depressed people tend to eat uncontrollably. Diet soda, sweets, ice cream and such foods are so common during summer. However, depression symptoms tend to thrive with excess sugars. Take healthy foods for your mood to remain high all the time. Such food includes chocolates, turkey, fish, and yogurt among others.

Stay with people

Isolation is the worst thing for any depressed person. Spend time with close friends and family so as to keep your mind off depressive thoughts. You can decide to watch a movie, chat and play together for an active moment thus alleviating the depressive thoughts.

Take time to study the various depressive moments that come with seasons. It is important that you visit a doctor or a psychiatrist for help on how to deal with these depressive moments. The above approaches should help you stay healthier without much harm of depression during summer or other seasons!